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Every year, the UK makes payments worth £75 trillion in over 40 billion transactions. How we make these payments is changing rapidly. Over the last ten years cheques have almost disappeared and mobile banking has superseded online banking in popularity.

Asking for bill payment was replaced by Direct Debits, and even the once-revolutionary chip and pin feels dated following the introduction of contactless. New payment methods are faster and more efficient, requiring just a few clicks on a smartphone app or watch.

Now CFT Group has moved the needle on by another notch with Duesday, our unique consumer incentive scheme.

Get Paid Early

Have your customers pay you before the due date with our unique incentive scheme.

Fast Funds

Get paid at the end of every day, or if you prefer, weekly or monthly.

Direct Chat

Resolve disputes instantly through our direct chat channel to your customers.

No Hidden Fees

No monthly fees or hidden charges. A simple predictable transaction charge is all you pay.

Working Capital

Raise working capital from your customers and win their loyalty at the same time.

Easy Integration

Our REST API is easy and powerful. Alternatively let us do the work with intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Security has been designed into our platform from the very beginning. CFT Group uses the latest encryption ciphers to keep your data secure, not just in transport, but also at rest. We use dedicated hardware security modules to isolate our encryption keys and follow PCI/DSS practice throughout our platform. We pride ourselves to already comply with GDPR and all relevant IT security practices.


Do you collect regular payments from your customers? Is the administration of regular collections sometimes challenging, time consuming or expensive? That’s where we can help. We provide a fast, efficient and inexpensive service to manage your collections online. Our merchant portal and easy-to-use APIs help you manage an efficient revenue stream, helping your cashflow and delighting your customers.

Contact our Head of Merchant Services today on 0333 11 22 998 or info@cftgroup.co.uk


Our pricing is simple. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. All you pay is a clear and simple fee of
1% per transaction, max £2, min 15p.